Thursday, 30 May 2013

I've decided to go to Kickstarter to fund the release of my whole range of miniatures at once. These can be used as either two distinct armies or with a little imagination fit into many different settings. Most of the miniatures are already sculpted so there's little ambiguity between what you're pledging for and what you will actually receive, for what isn't sculpted there's similar figures already cast, with no concept art or renders to cross your fingers over.

My miniatures have all been sculpted with optional heads making them extremely flexible in their application to many game worlds, take a look at the painted samples below to see how versatile they really are. That being said I primarily designed the miniatures to fit with the world setting of the wargame "Steam & Aether" that I am currently writing. See the images above to see them kitted out as British and Prussian soldiers.

This is only the first wave of releases to support my new business and coming games system. I plan to release all of my rules on free PDFs updated with each release. And expand to more factions and machines over the coming months. Thanks to every one that has helped contribute towards my venture and to those backing this project.

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