Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Current portfolio

Hello everyone, this is my first post here. My name is Andrew May and as of the last two months I am a full time professional miniatures sculptor. I have been sculpting for the last two years and now feel that it should be the thing that brings home the bacon.
Here's a selection of my favourite work from the last few months (click on pictures to enlarge).

I sculpt in Uro polymerclay (similar to Fimo) and prefer to sculpt "28mm scale" wargaming figures.
Email me: andrewjohnmay1983 AT googlemail DOT com for availability

90mm tall giant for Otherworld miniatures.
30mm long skull for Fenris games.
"True 28mm" One man band for CP models.
"True 28mm" detective for CP models.
"True 28mm" assistant for CP models
35mm Demon woman for Garden of Kama.
"True 28mm" clown for CP models
"True 28mm" scribe for CP models
Large demon for Otherworld miniatures.
28mm human (sold but unreleased)
Small monster (sold but unreleased).
38mm Asian demon for Garden of Kama.
Supernatural being (sold but unreleased)
28mm scale Protoceratops for Fenris games.
20mm tall goblin (sold but unreleased). 


  1. Good luck Andrew! Always good to have all your work in one place.

  2. Congratulations and the very best of luck! Wonderful work - you should be busy! Blog now on my favourites list (where's your followers?)

  3. Just put it at the bottom, thanks!

  4. Hi Andrew, I just happen to run into you work here coincidentally. I think it's awesome. Will surely try to get some Victorian work by you for my Pulp themed games. Keep up.
    Marcel, the Netherlands.