Wednesday, 11 May 2016

28mm portfolio update.

Hi everyone, I just had a good dig back through my hard drive and thought I'd post up a new batch of photos to update my (round about) 28mm portfolio.

I am always happy to receive new commissions, interested parties contact me via "studio @"
All figures sculpted in Uro polymerclay. 28mm figures start at £200, larger scale figures at £100 per day.

Andrew May
Monster for CP Models

Steampunk for Meridian Miniatures

Chibis for Meridian Miniatures

 Cockatrices for Otherworld Miniatures

Basilisk For Otherworld Miniatures

Gargoyle for Crooked Dice

Policeman for Crooked Dice

Myconids for Otherworld

Myconid King for Otherworld

Golem for Otherworld

Golem for Otherworld

Statues for Otherworld

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